Energizing Organizations

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Kurt & Peg


"As consultants, Kurt and Peg Anderson provide a rare combination of professional knowledge and experience, intuitive insight, well-honed interpersonal skills and a strong commitment to excellence."

Ed Clark, Ph.D.; Trustee,
Warrenville Public Library District


"Drs. Kurt and Peg Anderson focus on adult learning and use data-based methods to find problems and then solve them. They have a commitment to teamwork and making a difference in people's lives."

Dr. Mary Koski,
Director of Curriculum & Instruction in Illinois and Wisconsin


"I have had the pleasure of taking many of Peg and Kurt's classes. They keep it fun, capturing and educational all at the same time. Highly recommended..."

Stephanie Windham,
Director of Incentive Sales,
Bellagio Hotel and Resort,
Las Vegas

The vision of Pairadox Consulting is stated in our motto: Energizing Organizations Through Personal and Professional Development. We specialize in helping organizations create a culture that establishes the climate necessary for improving the effectiveness and efficiency of work-groups, professional relationships, long-range planning, building leadership capacity, and hiring practices.


How can your company move to the next level?
How can you move, as Jim Collins says, from “good to great”?

No matter how successful you are now, is your company or organization achieving at its fullest potential?  Research shows that a company or an organization’s potential is constrained / inhibited only by the limits of the people who work within that organization. Pairadox Consulting offers customized solutions that unleash the full potential of the people within your organization.

Your company is only as good as the development of your people.
Learn how to maximize your full potential through personnel development.

All personnel development is first personal development.

A list of some of the things we do:

  • Leadership Training

  • Team Building

  • Professional & Personal Development

  • Executive Coaching

  • Helping Organizations Select and Retain Key People

  • Short & Long-Range Strategic Planning and Continual Follow-Through

  • Employee Empowerment

Click here for Examples of our Personal and Professional Development Offerings.

Presentation and Resources from the SITE IC ’05 Conference.

About Pairadox Consulting


Kurtis G. Anderson, Ed.D. & Peg Anderson, Ed.D.

Kurt and Peg have been a part of public and private education for 36 years as teachers and administrators in the United States and Japan. They have taught in the Graduate Schools of Loyola University, Chicago, and Aurora University since 1994, and have conducted numerous presentations and workshops for businesses and educators throughout the nation, and in Europe, Canada, Mexico, and Japan. Kurt and Peg are also contributors to the research fields of customer satisfaction, motivation and research techniques. They both are dynamic presenters and facilitators in all areas of leadership and the development of organizations.


Contacting Pairadox


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Kurt Anderson Ed.D.

Phone: 847-875-6493

Peg Anderson Ed.D.

Phone: 630-234-3190





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